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Does Doom Have ?

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Nice setup for a forum for sure! I had a question for you Doomers.
I typically play Quake 1, Quake II and 3 at times. For a "old" community
we keep up well with the new games out. We have Thousands of active servers and players. We have server browsers (Program that seeks and lists online servers) People designing new maps and even New
Engines. I was wonder if DOOm has the same to offer?

DO you have main websites they you all can suggest to a newcomer?
I'd like to see what you have for Map making and Server Browsers.
Let me know- as I may add DOOM to my gaming collection!

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First off, this is the Doom Wiki, where you can find out most of the information you may be after.

These are the three premier multiplayer ports for Doom.

These are some of the more advanced modding ports for Doom.
Eternity Engine

Here's a link to the /idgames database where you can find most of the mods that has been released throughout Doom's history.

Here's a link to the list of source ports featured in the Doom Wiki.

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