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Alien Vendetta-inspired map (also, happy late birthday Obsidian)

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After taking a short break from Doom, I made a quick map inspired by Alien Vendetta to get back into mapping. It is dedicated to Obsidian, as I originally intended it to be a birthday map for him, but it took a little longer to finish :p Also, I guess its a birthday map for me as well, as I finished it today, on my birthday.

Here's a of screenshot:

And finally, here's the download link. Runs on Map 01, and was created in Doom 2 format. Tested only in Zandronum.


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Olympus said:

Tested only in Zandronum.

And it shows! There are some infinitely tall hanging corpses on the map.
Aside from that... I'd recommend to add subtle height variation to some areas. By subtle I mean something like this:

It might seem like a very minor thing but I think it really helps to visually separate rooms.

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Thanks for the feedback. I actually totally forgot about the infinitely tall decorations; my apologies. Also thanks for the tips on room seperation; I'll definitely try to incorporate that into future maps!

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