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[ZDoom] Undesired reality - Finished

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This is a map I have been working on for quite some time now and I am still working on it.

It takes the E4M1 slot because it started as a sort of remake of the map however, while working on the map, I realised that there wasn't much to do with the map SO I decided to revamp it as a standalone map. It does however have a few areas that resemble E4M1 (the starting area) and it does have an area ressembling one of the many secrets of e2m5 (the plasma secret).

The map has many of the KDIZD textures and some monsters from realm667. I decided not to use too many new monsters because let's face it, it doesnt look very nice if you do (well that is how I see it anyways) so that is why I decided to use most of the Ultimate doom roster.
As A zdoom map, it uses quite alot of features (slopes, acs scripting, 3d floors, polyobjects, etc...) and it is being designed with the zdoom sourceport in mind so no gzdoom features in here. I want my map to work on both sourceports so I test my progress on both to see if there are any problems. I must say thought that it looks best on gzdoom.

So far, the map is about 50%-60% done and unfortunately, progress has been very slow for the past few months. I do not plan to drop the project however since it would be a shame to waste all my time spent on it but what I'm trying to say is that I need time to think of new ideas and stuff so don't expect the map to be released anytime soon as I do not want to rush it. That being said, you may enjoy the few screenshots I have at my disposal and still tell me what you think so far.

Finaly, the title is still a placeholder as I kinda suck at thinking of good titles ^^"

Hope you enjoy what you see.

Enough talking, here are some screenshots.


These panels are the most recent screen shots I have, Here are a few old ones:

http://img11.hostingpics.net/pics/143512ScreenshotDoom20120729114228.png ==> The plasma secret from e2m5
http://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/756128Screen01.png Very old screenshots from the e4m1 starting area

Anyways, tell me what you guys think of it so far.

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I like your complex ceilings in circular rooms. Some Eternal Doom inspiration perhaps?

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Eternal doom?

Nah just kiding, I do know eternal doom and hmm, I must say that it wasn't the first thing that came in mind when I designed the circular rooms. I just wanted them to not look bland.

For example, I wanted the arena in the fourth shot to look destroyed and I tried my best to make it look convincing.

For the arena in the last panel (third shot, bottom right corner) I really came out with the ceiling structure while working on the room. It wasn't planed to look like that but I guess once I was done with it I was quite pleased with the result and it actually looked better than expected.

Nevertheless, if this makes you think of eternal doom, I guess it's a good thing ^^

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Just seen this tonight after coming home from work. KdizD-style I approve of, but hopefully not as confusing as KdizD was on occasion.

Nice screenshots, will look forward to potentially playing this as a LP/livestream when it comes out!

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Ok guys, my map is done.

(I'm not one to bump but I will make an exception in this case).

Here is a mediafire link for now (I plan on uploading it to idgames in the future).


I've finnaly came up with a title ("Undesired reality") which I know sound a little generic but hey, it was the best I could do for the time being.

This is version 1.0, acording to feedback and bug reports, it will be updated.

Hope you enjoy the map and again sorry for bumping the thread.

PS: The readme has been modified since I uploaded it to mediafire. The final readme will be included with the idgames link.

The map has been tested with both zdoom's and gzdoom's recent versions(zdoom 2.7.1 and gzdoom 1.8.2) and also with the current SVNS.

The map takes the e4m1 slot in Ultimate doom.

Any feedback is welcomed as long as it stays constructive.

Here is a zip file containing quite a few screenshots:

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