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Feels Like Starting Over Again...

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I've been away from Dooming and the community for some years now. Previously, I edited for ZDoom in Hexen format using ACS. I just downloaded the PSX TC and wanted to continue making levels for it, using GZDoombuilder. Unfortunately, some of the new features are like trying to re-learn how to ride a bike, instead of hopping back onto one you haven't ridden since childhood. As a result, I have a few questions I'm hoping some knowledgeable members can help me with.

How do I make colored lighting for sectors?

I also noticed there's a new way to create "horizon" skyboxes, but all the video tutorials are lacking in explaining this correctly. It appears you have to select a horizon linedef action, but in GZDoom (Doom format, which I'm using) the option doesn't appear to be available. I'm essentially trying to make a level that fits into the PSX TC, but I can't reverse-engineer the techniques in those maps because it's a .pk3 file.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I just enjoyed the PSX TC so much after struggling to play my slow, low-res PSX original version that I wanted to map again. So far, the exercise has been very frustrating, so thanks in advance.

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Necromancer-AMV said:

.pk3 is just a compressed archive. Rename it to .zip and you can extract everything.

Thanks, I appreciate the suggestion. I'll try that now.

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It looks like based on referencing the maps extracted from the .pk3, that I've been trying to map with the wrong format, but should have been using UDMF format. Can anyone explain to me what the difference between this and the other available formats used in GZDoombuilder?

I've also seen the thread for people retro-converting Doom maps to PSX-style. Can anyone suggest the best/easiest configuration in GZDoombuilder to not only create maps to be PSX-style, but also what would end up being easiest for the community to use if I submit something? Thanks!

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UDMF is basically like ZDoom in Hexen but with more flexibility.

Things like being able to have a different offset for upper, middle, and lower textures on the same sidedef. Same thing with texture scaling. Light can be set per line and flat if you wish, instead of being confined to the same value for the whole sector. Easy setting of sector color, flat rotation, flat scaling...

Look at "custom fields" in the sidedef tab and the "custom" tab of the sector edit box for more.

In short there's not much reason to use ZDoom in Hexen anymore unless you have a computer that can't run Doom Builder 2.

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