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MIDI Request: "Chunk Blower" by Cattle Decapitation

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Crosspost from ZDoom. :-)

I'm currently making a map named after one of my favourite songs, but I need the actual song itself to accompany the map. Obviously I can't use the real song, but a MIDI of the song would work great. I will warn you: it's a grindcore song and therefore probably rather difficult to convert. Here's the song.(NSFW: Contains graphic cover art.)

Can anyone help me out? I know Jimmy's snowed under with requests at the moment, so can anyone else convert this for me? I'd be very indebted to whoever does it. Thanks in advance. :)

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tabs available as gp/ptb on ultimate-guitar btw, guit tracks anyways. so a majority of the work done already, ya would just need to add the lolsworthy drums.

on a side note 'convert' is an extremely poor description of the requested activity, 'transcribe' would be more accurate.

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Ribbiks said:

lolsworthy drums.


If I'm perfectly honest I don't really follow: I've fiddled around with Sekaiju a little bit and created some random melodies, but I haven't done anything past that. Would you be able to explain in layman's terms? It's alright if you don't want to.

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meant no offense, it's mostly slow blasts and offbeat snares, and a bit high in the mix.

to elaborate on my first post, obsidian, you can often find metal/rock songs on guitar tab sites a la ultimate-guitar in powertab or guitar pro formats. Using software like tuxguitar or commercial equivalents you to open these files, and then export them as midi. You'll likely be out of luck for obscure stuff, but it's usually worth a try. The one I found (probably same one AtTheGates found) was a guitarpro tab that only had the guitar tracks, so I was saying that you could get the midi for the guitar, then manually add the drums (which I unnecessarily expressed mild distaste for) using a midi editor of your choice.

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I think I'm replying to Obsidian again... haha I could do that for you if you still need it (as you can see, I'm trying to collaborate as much as I can) :)

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