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dobu gabu maru

The DWmegawad Club plays: Realm of Chaos

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I am not a member of a club, and I am actually kind of late to the party, but what the heck. After getting stuck on map 9 ("Machine Gun Etiquette"--during that I got fed up with "Into Sandy's City") I started googling what can I be doing wrong. And I got here. And so I started playing along with reading your opinions about further maps. It gave me a feeling like I was playing it with you. Nice thing. And helpful--if not for tips here, I would leave the game three or four times. Good job, guys.

As for "Realm of Chaos", I wanted to try some old WAD from 90s, and found out this one on Doomed blog. After a decade with mouselook and no status bar I switched back to more classic approach. Mouselook was useful from time to time ("Die Hard"), but that would be all. Anyway, "Realm of Chaos" was fun and pleasure, even if buggy sometimes or just strange from 2014's perspective. My favourite map would be "Above and Below", but there were good moments here and there.

Sorry if posting here will bump the thread unnecessarily.

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Thanks for the comments, Krazov, and glad you enjoyed some of those old maps. And wouldn't you know it, it was my map that you got stuck on. That's why I give myself 30 lashes every night and why I've been revising all my maps from that megawad, in order to atone for that mistake. ;D I should have that mapset ready in a month -- just my maps, since I have no right to mess with anyone else's, and I won't be altering the megawad in any way by popping my new versions in there. It will stay as it is.

With luck, I'll see you on the new versions, which will be significantly more violent than before. ;)

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Oh, I actually enjoyed them all. I could find some nice elements in all of them. That's my way, to find the good stuff about any stuff.

Yes, I know map 9 was yours, but I wouldn't torment myself too much about it. (Fun fact: after reading here about mandatory secret I still had to IDDT twice to find it; in a way, kudos.) It's--after all--eightteen years old WAD and I'm pretty sure you've come a long way since then. Therefore you are forgotten. I took "Realm of Chaos" like a trip to the past, so there was no judgement here. What I liked about it, it's simpler than nowadays heavily detailed maps.

And I am looking forward to playing revised maps as well. It might be interesting experience. I just hope I won't miss it.

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