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Greenbase Charlie

How good is this map?  

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    • where in the HELL is my TURKEY SANDWITCH?!

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My 4th WAD, Greenbase Charlie features ACTUAL FUNCTIONING 2 SIDED DOORS! *applause* ....but the textures broke on them in the outdoor area.. *boo!*

Download! http://www.fileswap.com/dl/mVIcNg00Fz/


Starting Room!

starting outdoor area

1st room, including a DBS and invisible enemys

inside of Blue Base

and there is much more..

thank you, this is probably my best map yet!

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Okay, it took me 1.5 minutes to beat, but here's my feedback.

First, state which port to play this in. I'm assuming skulltag, which I don't have, but playing it in other ports leads to some general issues.

Second... I'm not sure where to begin. Unpegged door sides, haphazard enemy placement, skyboxes used as doors, a keen, mastermind in a boxed room, pointless key placement, romero head at end...

Try and play other maps to see what they do right and emulate that style. As it stands your map is bound to get lost in an annals of time.

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