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Uptight Deathmatch version 11 (A much better comeback)

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Now that my mapping abilities and skills have increased substantially I feel a lot more confident posting my work up for critique. However I'm not just posting for opinions, I'm also looking for possible recruitment to aid within my struggle! Whats my struggle you ask? Lets begin then:

Uptight Deathmatch was started for the sole purpose of making more... Professionally done style maps in the terms of gameplay, which quickly gave way to me just messing around and eventually making parodies, styling maps after certain wads, and just plain experimenting with what I can do. And thankfully the pack up to this point holds up very well.

I've begun work with GIMP 2, and thus was able to create a lot of vanilla doom style textures for use giving it more of that 'homemade' feel I've always wanted in a wad of mine. As an added note Uptightdm also contains a lot of Alpha doom wad textures, a few of them I outfitted to look presentable and useable in most maps.

But enough chat, let's actually showcase this thing:

More Screenshots:
1 2 3 4

And the Download: Uptight Deathmatch Version 11

Uptight Deathmatch contains 19 maps, meaning from map01 to map17 and then 2 gimmick maps for map31 and map32. All maps are designed in Doom2 format with limit removing in mind and they are also designed around jumping and crouching if a game were to be played with those flags on. Most maps already work with some type of gimmick, whether it's a lowering or raising a wall or a certain way that the player can retrieve the BFG. And any other map that doesn't have a gimmick is more than likely a gimmick itself, as I poke fun with famous deathmatch wads, or just playing around with maps that you wouldn't see in a DM wad to begin with.

I currently have no music (yet) because it's really hard to find some good original midis that are fitting for a deathmatch wad.

I'll post a maplist shortly in the future

And now I extend my offer to you fellow mappers of DoomWorld, if this project interests you and you'd like to take part in it then please let me know. I will warn you however your map can and will be removed if it is deemed unappealing or boring obviously.

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Good too see you're still working on this Shane. I would've mapped for the project as I think I stated before in [U] but I'm afraid my mapping still hasn't improved much. Good luck on the project.

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