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1monster demos [-complevel 9]

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I was looking over the 1monster page on DSDA and noticed it doesn't have very many speedruns besides UV-Maxes, UV-Speeds/pacifists, and my crappy nomonsters demos. I thought it might be a good idea to see if people wanted to make some more speedruns for this amazing WAD of all kinds! Tysons, NM speeds, NM100, UV-Fasts, more nomonsters, you name it. I'll have a couple of demos to post up here myself. It'd be great to see some more demos from other players, too. :)

Here I have a tyson for 1monster MAP04 in 9:28.

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Nice demo, too bad those last zombies had to teleport in late. I also like how you didn't take any damage for a while.. very unusual for this map. At this rate, you should make a reality for it as well. :P

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