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Doom - Evil Unleashed 2.2

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The Shores of Hell – Part 2

The gray metal door in front of me had red lights on both sides of it. These were sensors, which could detect if the person wanting to enter the door had a red keycard. I clapped my hand over the pocket containing not only the blue card, but a red one as well, which I had just found a short while ago. I wondered if the system still worked, seeing how the building had been distorted by some unknown infection. I pulled the handle down and the door slid open with a whine.

Three humanoid soldiers were waiting for me. They all raised their weapons, but I hurled myself aside, avoiding the spray of death. I pointed my shotgun around the doorframe and killed one of the bogies with a blast from my weapon. I quickly withdrew the gun before another hail of pellets hammered into the doorframe. Apparently, both of them had shotguns.
Before they could pump a new shell into their weapons I had leapt into view, taken the trooper on the right down, blowing its head off with a well-placed shot and had run into cover behind the other doorframe, where I pumped a new shell into the firing chamber.
I had moved so quickly that the last former human had barely noticed what hit its buddy.

The remaining baddie ran out of the room, but the next moment its torso was ripped apart by my shotgun. I ejected the shotgun clip, inserted a few new shells into the clip and slammed the newly loaded clip back into the shotgun.

I peeked into the room where the three former humans had been waiting and was surprised to see a carved drain in the floor filled with boiling blood.
I leapt over the bubbling pool, not wanting to get my feet scorched. I found out that this room had been an office of some sort, but it was completely transformed. The typical look of a militaristic research base was completely gone, as the walls had been changed into filthy, green marble walls.
"How the howling devil could the bastards have made these changes so quickly?" I couldn't help asking myself out loud.

My eyes fell on a bloody printout on the floor near the smashed desk. I picked it up and let my eyes run over it. My eyes widened.

It read:
Col E T Hauser, Project Overseer and Martian Supreme Commander

I find that we are getting nowhere with the translocator technology. As you know, there was no problem, when sending dead objects through the wormhole – at that point the translocators worked perfectly, but as you are aware, things were much different when humans were sent through the wormhole. So far, it was believed that there was not sufficient power to ensure safe transporting of human beings and that conditions in the hyperspace between the gateways were hazardous to the human body. Several attempts were made to protect the subjects against these hazards, including outfitting the subjects with environment suits. Yet none were successful. However, the latest attempt was different, but still disastrous.

We had juiced up the power to maximum capacity and fixed a number of possible errors, which we believed had been the cause of previous failures. A number of other safety measures had been taken as well. This time we felt sure that nothing would go wrong. Unfortunately, the outcome was not what we had expected. In fact none of us had ever dreamed of something so horrid.

Unlike the other experiments, the subject did not just vanish in the vortex, but actually arrived on Deimos, but his clothing was covered in a slimy substance and he must have gone insane, as he was constantly babbling incoherent words. When the lab technicians approached the subject, he went completely mad and assaulted the technicians with wild kicks, punches and biting. All the while he was screaming vulgarities and mad babbling, while his voice seemed to become more and more distorted. But before the guards could seize him, he suddenly fell screaming to the floor, writhing in pain, and the next thing we saw, still haunts me in my nightmares: His body swelled up and finally exploded from the inside. I will spare you for the details.

Colonel Hauser, never in my long career have I seen anything like this. What exactly are these mysterious conditions, which affect humans in such a terrible way? Just what they might be or how we can avoid them escapes us completely at the moment. Our best scientists are at a complete loss as to what could be done and even I cannot come up with a good answer.

I therefore appeal to you, to request that further testing be postponed and that the future of this project is discussed thoroughly.

Sincerely yours
Peter Winston, UAC Chief Scientist

I stared at the printout, reading it through again – this time a bit more carefully.
So, this is why none of the buddies ever returned I thought grimly, narrowing my eyes. In my mind I saw the unfortunate marine swell up like a balloon and ultimately exploding in a spray of blood, internal organs and limbs. I had been were my buddies had died long before the rest of us were sent to these damned moons.

Things became progressively clearer to me now, but there were still missing pieces to the puzzle.
Why hadn't I died when I went through the gateway? I had made it safely to Deimos, even though I had hallucinated about the monsters tearing out my own organs. But my buddies had died, going through the wormhole and this guy, who was mentioned in this printed mail, had died after arriving on Deimos.
And were did these horrid demon-looking creatures come from? I was getting more and more sure that there was a connection between the arrival of those horrors and the gateway incident in the letter, but which?

The only answer I could find was that the gateway had opened a rift into the monsters' own dimension and the bastards had somehow tampered with the gates so that they could go through themselves. The unfortunate test subjects must have ended up in the other dimension briefly, where the creatures killed them. But why was the last test subject insane when he arrived on this moon?
Something about that last incident made me think about former humans. Was there a connection?

I decided not to think too much of it now and instead move on.
I went out of the room and went up to a nearby door with blue sensors. Behind it was another red teleportation tile.
In a green flash of light, I found myself in yet another room with green marble walls and a group of brown aliens accompanied by a bull. I didn't allow them to last long.

I walked over to the bodies of my enemies, but stopped dead in my tracks and spun around as I heard a disgusting hissing sound behind me, like some big mutated snake. I was looking down a narrow hallway with a dead end. At the end wall and floating above the ground was the ugliest monstrosity I had yet seen.

It was basically a big floating head with one green, glassy eye and a huge mouth, filled with ugly, misshaped teeth. Its skin was composed of red, slimy, bulgy scales and several huge spikes protruded from the top of its body. It opened its monstrous mouth and I saw flashes of bluish electricity inside its horrendous jaw.
A ball of lightning flew out of its mouth and it was only, by sheer instinct that I managed to dodge it. I sent a single shotgun blast into its mouth and it let out a weird hissing sound as the pellets ripped into its scaly flesh.

I figured that the ugly one-eyed freak was solid, but the area was too narrow, for safe use of my rocket launcher, so I decided to try to kill it with my shotgun. I ran into view again and fired at the thing, just as it prepared to spew its lightning at me. The pellets hammered into its ugly, glassy green eye and a disgusting blue liquid squirted from its eye. The thing let out a hiss of pain and floated backwards. I could feel a great deal of static electricity around the thing. Standing behind cover, I fired around the corner and the thing let out another hiss, but a ball of lightning hammered into the wall with a sizzle, revealing that my shots hadn't enough paralyzing effect on the creature, but at least it was vulnerable to my attacks.
I fired a couple more shots at it.

To my relief, I noticed that my shots had an effect on the monstrosity, as a disgusting blue liquid flowed from ugly, big wounds in its slimy hide. I fired one more shot at it and the thing suddenly made a strange gurgling sound and crashed to the floor with a slimy thud.


"Sir, two APLP's are approaching the base"

The sudden radio message brought the Colonel out of his thoughts. What the...!? Where did those come from? He thought in disbelief. His thoughts went into a rapid pace. Some of his men must have found enough fuel for the return journey and escaped Phobos! "They are sure to demand an explanation why we didn't send an evac!" He thought doggedly.
He sent for Major Jefferson – his second-in-command on the Martian base and the only one Hauser had confided his plans with the aliens to.


The Major was a sly officer, whose decisions were usually sound. He was in his late forties, was always well shaven and had dark-brown hair, which was beginning to thin out. He greeted Hauser with a stiff military salute. Hauser returned the salute and began before Jefferson could utter his usual enquiry about how he could be of service.

"You're aware that survivors are returning from the Phobos moon. They could expose our plans, so I need your advice on this matter, Major"
The Major thought for a moment, standing with his right arm on his back and thoughtfully rubbing his left hand over his well shaved chin. Then he spoke in a low, chilling voice.
"My suggestion, Sir, is that we quarantine them, initially telling them that we fear that they have been exposed to doubtful conditions, before we find a way to silence them"


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