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CTF: Charge Sequence (Beta 2)

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Charge Sequence is my very first attempt at making a CTF map for Odamex. I finally have it in a playable state, but I need plenty of testers to iron out all the problems. This one has plenty of bridges, so be sure to set co_realactorheight to 1! I have no idea if this thing works in ZDaemon or Zandronum. I have only tested it in Odamex.

Here's a list of all the things I want testers to pay attention to and comment on, in order of importance:
1. The spawn area and player spawn locations
2. Item and weapon placement
3. The layout
4. The general visual style and the quality of the custom textures (excluding the recolored stock textures)

Any advice, suggestions and constructive critisism are more than welcome.

Link to Beta 2 here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/cu329qodj3d02iu/charge_sequence_beta2.zip

And now, screenshots.

Map center, looking at red side from blue side.

Red flag area.

View from red side, looking towards map center.

Red corridor details.

The walkway, red side.

In Doom Builder 2

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So, I posted this on Odamex forums as well, and this is what user capodecima said:

I can give you some my suggestions.
1) make some other resps outside and reduce number actual respawns and reduce number of shotgun, i could add one good respawn on stairs in base
2) add more ssgs ( try put them close to resp), ssg is primary weapon in ctf this actual place for ssg is bad
3) reduce number of medikits (1-2 in every base is enough, replace medkits on middle of map stimpack)

I'm looking for a second opinion. I'm reluctant to do changes based on only one opinion. I'm in need of a bigger picture on how the level works in its current state. All pieces of advice, suggestions and constructive critisism are still welcome.

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