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Gunpoint: a stealth game about rewiring things and punching people!

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Gunpoint is a fun game about Rewiring levels to trick people, stealthing around, hacking the main objective, then finding a way out. And it is all done very well. Created by Tom Francis, Gunpoint currently costs 10$ and is available on both Steam AND the official site! http://gunpointgame.com/ Why I am posting this? Because I think this game needs more attention then it already has.

Example of the humor (May contain spoilers!) http://www.pentadact.com/category/conwaysblog/?K=11&U=36&C0=2&E1=1&C1=3&E2=2&C2=6&C3=2&C4=3&C5=3

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This game has been getting a lot of attention from my Steam friends that all swear its awesome. Plus I've seen a lot of pro game reviewers talk about how awesome it is and how it was made by a former pro game reviewer that quit to make games.

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