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One thing I noticed, which I suppose a lot of newer mappers do (I did in a whole megawad!) is have mono-lit rooms. Nice contrast in lighting really helps out with visuals. Also, needs more lower-tier enemies, like imps and shotgunners, in the rooms and higher-tier enemies, like a few revenants or hellknights, in the traps. Two revenants in the plasmagun room would really spice it up.

Overall, its really not that bad. Keep it up.

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It was okay.
I liked the layout, but the monster and item placement was a bit poor, here are my suggestions:

  • You should probably get rid of that first Mega Armor and replace it with something else like a switch or another item. That Mega Armor destroys the purpose of even trying to get the second on the platform because when I reached that second Mega Armor, I had 195% left -- there was no need for it.
  • The Mancubus that spawns at the end should probably be spawned in front of the exit door so that way the player has to actually kill it before exiting.
  • The Megasphere didn't really need to be there. It would've made sense if there was a tougher enemy before the Megasphere that drained your health down and you actually needed it, otherwise, I don't think it should be there.
  • The Archvile was a bit pointless also, unless you actually wanted to stay and fight it, you could've ran past it and went into the teleporter. I think the teleporter should've been blocked so that way you actually had to stay and fight it.
Detail wasn't too much of a problem, it could've used a bit more but honestly, I thought it was okay.

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First off, I have to commend you on bothering to put secrets in and Putting new enemies in areas where you have to backtrack, like that Archvile. 2 Very easy newbie mistakes to make, and you avoided them.

Now, the bad. Too easy. Too many supplies and not enough enemies to use them on. 2nd, the Extra Scriptings really weren't needed, especially the one involving the marines.

Hope that helps with making improvements.

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This was a fairly decent wad. The level lay out and design was good, the monsters spawning in when back tracking was also good.

However, here are a few mistakes.

The monster placement was a bit too bare. This made the map far too easy.
There are way to many power-ups. This also made the map far too easy.
The secret were you have to jump to the megarmour is completely unfair. It is almost impossible to strafe back and if you fall, it is an inescapable pit.

Apart from that, detail and map design was good.

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Retog said:

The secret were you have to jump to the megarmour is completely unfair. It is almost impossible to strafe back and if you fall, it is an inescapable pit.

It's not unfair, you can get out. There is a small teleporter in the upper-right area -- it's small but it's there.

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Thanks for the feedback guys, i will make a update which will add more low tier monsters and try to make it a bit harder, also 2 revenants in the plasma gun room is nice, i will add it too, oh and i will also change some stuff which are present in the current version, one of the things im gonna change is that ill add a door around the teleporter which closes when you get the red key, and when you kill the archvile, the door will open, also will change the teleport location of the mancubus, i will also change the blue armor with something else idk with what currently. (What jdagenet and others suggested, thanks!)

And i will also do something about the placements, btw

I will upload the update to idgames when i finish the update, and again thanks for the feedback and for your suggestions.

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