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Linedef properties in Doom Builder

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Hello, Im having some trouble trying to add custom scripting in a linedef in Doom Builder, nothing too complicated, just a little hud message that shows when you walk trought the mencioned linedef.

The problem is that I can't properly edit the linedef properties, at least no in the way I saw people do ... I'll show you an example:

This is what I EXPECT from the linedef edit screen, as you can see the only thing you supouse to do is select action type 80 ("Script Execute")


IN MY CASE, Doom Builder shows me a diferent linedef edit screen, when I set up the action type 80 it comes with a "Ligh Change to Brightest Adjacent", that's not what Im looking for !


I taked a look to all the actions available and couldn't find the Scrip Execute action.

So, thats all, Im pretty sure this has a simple explanation, so I feel really dumb posting this kind of questions but I searched all the net and this my last hope. Sorry for my horrible grammar, my english is not the best.

Many Thanks

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It sounds like your map isn't in Doom in Hexen format. Make a new map in Doom in Hexen format and copy all sectors/things from your old map into the new map.

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Since Doom Builder 2 is no longer being worked on, you might want to consider upgrading to the latest svn version.
Or better still, upgrade to GZDoombuilder, which is constantly improved upon.

As TimeOfDeath has already pointed out, 80:ACS_Execute is a ZDoom (Doom in Hexen) format action special.

Unfortunately, Doombuilder2 is not very reliable in determining the correct map format when opening a pwad. As a check
it will display the format on the bottom of the screen after the map layout shows up. For example:

Depending on how far you have progressed with your map, you could follow TimeOfDeath's instruction to change to the
ZDoom format. You can open two instances of the editor. Or if your map is already quite complex, you could follow

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Hehehe, seems like you're editing on Doom 2 configurations or derivated that aren't Zdoom doom in Hexen (or UDMF, or Skulltag doom in hexen), you should chage it to what they said already.

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If you're creating a new map, try using UDMF instead of Hexen format. There is really no reason to start a ZDoom map in Hexen format now. Unless you love using overcomplicated hacks instead of simply setting properties directly.

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