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The monster I suggested for Interception II

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Download link:

This is what I suggested before for the partial conversion Interception II, a flying saucer. Spawns monsters and lost souls. The file includes placeholder levels. The second level contains a monster (only DeHackEd, no sprites), shoots BFG and lost souls. Both monsters have KeenDie as their death frame codepointer.

Known bugs:
- The saucer is somewhat small
- The saucer drops clip when die
- The saucer's explosion frames are speeddone (very ugly)
- No new sounds yet
- The saucer don't appear in cast of characters
- Cacodemon fireballs are overridden by BFG shots, so now cacodemons shoot hellknight green flame instead (you don't want cacodemon to shoot BFG shots).

Editors used:
- Blender 3d modeller + MS paint for sprites (My sprites are converdsion from models)
- Doom builder
- WHackEd2

Tested with:
- Chocolate doom (use -merge parameter instead of -file)

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Sounds like a cool idea, but man that 4shared site sucks. They want you to login or sign up just to be able to download a file.

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I agree with Hex: could you upload it to Filesmelt or Mediafire instead please? I'll definitely give some feedback, being a DeHackEd fanatic enthusiast.

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