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321 - Doom 3 to Doom 1 (abandoned)

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In 2013, I wanted to make a community project about recreating Doom 3 map layouts in Doom 1 art style. Nobody made any maps, so it's cancelled.


Original post:


New thread made in order to get rid of unnecessary and unremoveable polls.

What if Doom 3 levels were released as an expansion pack for The Ultimate Doom?

To have fun while recreating Doom 3 levels, and mainly,
to prove that Doom 3 layouts actually have a potential for being good classic Doom maps.

My vision is to recreate the level layouts as close as possible - same structure, even secrets should be on the same places. But at the same time I want the levels to become more nonlinear, unorthogonal, abstract and more action based. Brighter too ;). Sounds impossible? Download the demo on the bottom of this page, play the first three levels included and you'll see how I imagine it.

This is a community project. Feel free to join! Rules are below the maplist and they may be quite obscure, because I want to keep the direction I set by the first three maps. For example, there is an important tweak in difficulty settings.


Here is a resource wad: http://www.filedropper.com/d3resrc (V2, last updated on 9th July, reuploaded in February 2014)
Contains some textures, flats, and DEHACKED (included also separately).
Notes for mappers: There are some funky textures in the wad (blue and purple STARTAN and flesh and similar absurdities) - using them is RESTRICTED to secret levels!

I admit - new textures are mostly edits of D1 textures. It's an intention. The point is trying to pretend that this is a real expansion pack released by "the lazy id" in 1996 or so ;)

(DEHACKED contains placeholder level names. If you make a map, you certainly have the right to call it as you want to)


Each map already has a D3 model map - count with that when you pick up a map!

 (E1 requirements: Barons first in E1M6 in place of Vagary, Plasmagun in E1M6, Cacos no earlier than in E1M7,
 Chainsaw in E1M8, RL only secret, as it isn't in D3 here)
E1M1 - based on D3 Level1 (Mars City)         - scifista42 - finished (reuploaded in February 2014)
E1M2 - based on D3 Level2 (M. C. Underground) - scifista42 - finished
E1M3 - based on D3 Level3 (Mars City 2)       - scifista42 - finished
E1M4 - based on D3 Level4 (Administration)    - scifista42
E1M5 - based on D3 Level5 (Alpha Labs 1)      - scifista42
E1M6 - based on D3 Level8 (Alpha Labs 4)      - 
E1M7 - based on D3 Level9 (Enpro Plant)       - 
E1M8 - based on D3 Level10 (Comm. Transfer)   - 
E1M9 - based on D3 Alpha levels ;)            - scifista42

 (E2 requirements: Cacos right in E2M1, RL and PG first in E2M2, Barons first in E2M3 in place of mancubuses,
 BFG only secret and on places like in D3, Cyberdemon as final boss)
E2M1 - based on D3 Level11 (Communications)                  - GreyGhost
E2M2 - based on D3 Level12 (Monorail Skybridge)              -
E2M3 - based on D3 Level13 (Recycling)                       -
E2M4 - based on D3 Level15 (Delta Labs 1)                    -
E2M5 - based on D3 Level16 (Delta Labs 2a)                   -
E2M6 - based on D3 Level17 (Delta Labs 2b)                   - 
E2M7 - based on D3 Level18 (Delta Labs 3 - those teleports)  - 
E2M8 - based on D3 Level19 (Delta 4) + Guardian battle alone - 

 (E3 requirements: Barons right from E3M1, BFG in E3M3, E3M3 has a boss - Cyb or Spid,
 later levels may contain Masterminds, E3M7 has a Cyberdemon fight, E3M8 is epic)
E3M1 - based on D3 Level21 (Delta Complex)        -
E3M2 - based on D3 Level22 (CPU)                  -
E3M3 - based on D3 Level23 (CPU Boss)             -
E3M4 - based on D3 Level24 (Site 3)               -
E3M5 - based on D3 Level25 (Caverns 1)            -
E3M6 - based on D3 Level26 (Caverns 2)            - 
E3M7 - based on D3 Level27 (wait, not the end?)   - 
E3M8 - based on D3 Hell and I take it, HAHAHAHAHA - scifista42

*The maplist doesn't contain some maps for the sake of having each episode filled and have a normal progression.
**Doom3 : RoE may become an Episode 4, but let's start lower-budget.

Aren't you satisfied with the maplist? It is quite possible, since I mentioned plenty of strange sounding rules. If so, feel free to discuss.


  • Pick a map from Doom 3 and recreate it for Doom engine in the pace of Doom 1 game. But you can't do it anyhow you want! Read further.
  • Your map MUST stay as loyal to the original D3 map's layout as possible. See the maps I already made. The layouts are in fact totally the same as their D3 counterparts (the rooms connects in the same order), but you won't immediately notice that because of texturing and pace, and that's the point!
  • NEVER ADD AREAS. Not even secrets. You are allowed to substract less remarkable areas from the original layout, intersect them slightly differently than in original, but never add.
  • You are allowed to modify the layout ONLY for one reason - for making the map more nonlinear.
  • You don't have to stay so close to the originals in aspect of enemy and ammo placement. In general - RAISE monstercounts and focus on action! This is D1 pace, NOT D3 pace!
  • Don't follow Doom 1 stereotypes like no Lost Souls / Plasmaguns in E1, hellish textures in E3 etc. - NO! Use whichever textures / items that fit. This is not just another D1 replacement megawad.
  • IMPORTANT DIFFICULTIES - BALANCE HMP LIKE IF IT WAS UV! I made a change to difficulties! Doom 3 kinda lacked real difficulty, and I want to improve it in this project. HNTR will become HMP, HMP will become UV, and UV... should contain much more monsters and additional teleport traps, as well as very tightly balanced ammo. See my maps in the demo, that's how I imagine it.
  • You are TOTALLY ALLOWED to modify gameplay for the sake of fun and joy. Feel free to remove darkness, spice up monster encounters... Just nothing with the layout!
  • Go more abstract. Less orthogonal. Don't rely on detail. DON'T RELY ON IT!
  • Vanilla compatibility, Doom 1 format, UD as IWAD.
  • Do NOT include new textures other that those included in the resource wad or those that are direct simple edits/recolors of existing D1 textures, preferably made by yourself. The point of this rule is trying to pretend that this is a real expansion pack released by "the lazy id" in 1996 or so. In addition, I don't want this to become a texturefest, the idea is somewhere else.
  • Don't use FWATER*, FIREBLU*, FIREMAG* (unfinished animation) and also don't use funky textures (purple flesh etc.) in other than secret levels.
  • You are ADVISED to noclip through D3 maps and draw their layouts on paper before you start mapping. You can also ask me to do so for you, as I don't mind it. You can use these layouts I already made: (WARNING: BIG IMAGES)


Aren't you satisfied with the rules? It is quite possible, since this is the first time I've made rules for others. If so, feel free to discuss.



oTZRm5Ms.png 26T7QRWs.png ybcSkQas.png MD50tXbs.png


abbpGRZs.png cFExUOEs.png a5WPGiHs.png vgBiylOs.png


Wanna see more? Download the file ;)

Link (3 levels): http://www.filedropper.com/d33lvl (reuploaded in February 2014)
Mind you again - use Ultimate Doom as an IWAD.


Edited by scifista42

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And here I was wondering if the project had been canned. I'd like to claim E2M1 (Communications).

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Another outdated post:


I updated the resource wad: http://www.filedropper.com/d3resrc (reuploaded in February 2014)

If you downloaded the previous one, please redownload. There are some minor changes to existing textures, some textures are gone, some have been added.

You can consider it "nearly complete". No textures will be removed or vastly restructured from now. I only "disabled" some animated textures using placeholder textures, to prevent them from being used, as I'll make their new animation some time in the future. Disregard them, like if they never existed. Nothing prohibits us to begin mapping!

Note for mappers: There are some funky textures in the wad (blue and purple STARTAN and flesh and similar absurdities) - using them is RESTRICTED to secret levels!


Edited by scifista42

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On 21.04.2018 at 1:44 PM, DOOMGABR[RU] said:

Where I can get this wad? Links are broken.

FOR FUCK SAKE, GABR... Why... What have you done...

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Interesting choice to bump a thread to criticize a bump. 

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30 minutes ago, rdwpa said:

Interesting choice to bump a thread to criticize a bump. 

I liked that he decided to move the posts into spoilers so that someone could still see what they are instead of being one of the people that just completely removes the posts and leaves everyone wondering what the heck that was all about.


On 7/8/2013 at 11:10 AM, scifista42 said:

In 2013, I wanted to make a community project about recreating Doom 3 map layouts in Doom 1 art style. Nobody made any maps, so it's cancelled.

And maybe this is a sneaky way to see if there is renewed interest in the project.

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Crappy stock texture recolors/edits and 3 confusing ugly unfun maps that don't look like Doom 3 at all, that's all that ever was here and I don't really want to reupload it.

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