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Russian bike accidents

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A very large proportion of those motorcycle accidents in this (long) compilation, seem to have occurred in Russia.

Most of them also seem to be for the same trivial or mysterious reason e.g. car turning left from right lane, motorcycle trying to overtake and booommm... or motorcycle simply speeding against a car with no sign that the rider even tried to brake, cars simply changing lanes and pushing bikers aside as if they were playing a damn videogame.... most of the riders themselves also seem incapable of handling a motorcycle, and behave as if they were still riding a bicycle.

The attitude of the people involved or simply witnessing those accidents also leaves a lot to be desired.

Seriously, what the Hell? I knew that Greece still is #1 in car accidents in the EU, but this one takes the cake. I haven't seen such bad driving and riding attitude even from the most ignorant yobbos that took their daddy's car for a ride. Can some of the Russkies here elucidate us?

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