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Anybody here use a custom remix soundtrack for IWAD setups? :P

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For me, it's:

D_INTRO: 3DO Doom unused Intro + Xelteckon Intro mash up
D_E1M1: 3DO Doom with PC pitch and tempo
D_E1M2: 3DO Doom
D_E1M3: 3DO Doom
D_E1M4: 3DO Doom with PC pitch
D_E1M5: 3DO Doom
D_E1M6: 3DO Doom
D_E1M7: 3DO Doom
D_E1M8: 3DO Doom
D_E1M9: 3DO Doom with PC pitch
D_E2M1: 3DO Doom with PC pitch
D_E2M2: Perkistian
D_E2M4: OPL with Chorus and Reverb effects added in FL Studio
D_E2M6: Perkistian
D_E2M7: Perkistian
D_E2M8: Dark Side of Phobos
D_E3M1: 3DO Doom
D_E3M2: 3DO Doom
D_E3M3: Xelteckon
D_E3M8: Xelteckon
D_INTER: Murilord
D_VICTOR: Soulchip
D_BUNNY: Xelteckon with added stock sounds of Children playing and birds chirping in the "happy" half transitioning into the sound of demonic laughter and a roaring fire in the "evil" half. >:D

Doom 2 is mostly Geritoo's remixes with the exception of D_ROMERO and D_EVIL being Perkistian's versions.

Yeah as you can see I really enjoy the 3DO port's music, but hey, who doesn't? How bout you guys?

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I don't enjoy the 3DO music, that's who. ;-) Actually I never heard it. But I didn't like the PSX stuff at all, or its sound fx for that matter.

I pretty much always play the PC version in Chocolate Doom with OPL music (or just turn it off sometimes). There aren't really any tracks in the IWADs that particularly annoy me or anything. I don't have any hangups about D_RUNNIN or whatever, even after all these years.

At one point I downloaded Never_Again's "Doom music for Doom 2" PWAD (sorry I don't know url anymore) but it didn't really do much for me. I think DOOM II tracks are okay. But I don't play that game much anyway. Registered DOOM 4ever!!! :-)

Edit: hey that 3DO E1M1 is really great! But even though I can appreciate it as music, it would probably be too distracting if actually played in-game. The PSX stuff tries to avoid that by being ambient, but it just doesn't feel right to me, at least not for the IWAD maps. Maybe it would work okay with something like Aliens TC (I normally just play that with -nomusic).

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