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Hand Spriting Tutorial

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Hello Doom Lovers!

Just wanted to share a hand spriting tutorial for Doom.
When I was first trying to create sprites I really couldn't find any real info
so I think I developed a cool and not so pain-in-the-butty process to create cool hand sprites from a picture.

Here it is ->

I hope you find it useful :D

... Oh and I'm thinking about making one with more than hands (maybe objects and / or weapons...)

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Thanks man, I had a sniper rifle from Realm667 that needed re-handing, and this helped a lot.

Any chance of you telling us how to convert entire weapons?

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Yeah I've been thinking about doing a video for weapons too. What I did (that worked for my GameBoy weapon) is almost the same as with hands:

* make the picture smaller (like 100 by 80 or something, the size of the actual sprite)
* remove the background
* mess with the contrast and lightness
* finally Index the image (doom palette)

If it doesnt look good enough repeat steps 3 and 4
Oh, and don't forget to try your pictures with flash!

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