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(ZDoom in Doom format)
I've been working on my megawad "Hellgate" and this is my most recent map in the project. Its MAP09 in Hellgate which is why at the start of this test you get all the weapons and ammo and health, this is more to test level flow and monster placement

Ammo and health is still a work inprogress, which is why there is only some in first 3 rooms, but the keys are in place and the exit has not been placed in the map.

once again this is more to test level flow and monster placement. Thank you for your feedback and ideas.

P.S. watch that first step, it's a bitch.

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It reminded me of a Doom2 throwback in terms of abstractness. I dug it, though I had to idfa once I approached the archvile (I know you mentioned ammo and health placement wasn't complete). In the room with wood the mancubus is stuck inside the wood platform with shotgunners on top, and some shotgunners couldn't move because they were stuck. All in all, it was pretty good. Nice throwback to D00M2 imo.

Edit: Also, you did a good job with flow and monster placement. Get the ammo and health placed and it'll be A-OK.

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The objective of hellgate is to be like a Doom 2 throwback. Its not going to be a slaughter fest or "omg this is retarded hard" I want the feeling to be fun and tough.

Thank you for the feed back. I can't wait to get level 10 done because then I'll post the wad of 10 on here for play. I'm still play testing and tweeting this and the previous 8. And some day all 32 will be finished. But right now my short term goal is 1-10

Map 7, "Home?" is the one I'm excited for everyone to play. That map made me stop building for a few months because of how long it took to make, detail and test.

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Really enjoyed this map, very creative gameplay, good job.

The only break of flow was after I killed the arch vile, there was no clue where to go next. I wandered some time and when I finally found monsters, I died.

good points:
- very creative gameplay
- not shotgun based action like 80% of the wads
- good flow overall (except that section I mentioned)

weak points:
- no health in later sections (I had no problems with ammo, though)
- some minor details like doortracks not lower unpegged and stuck monsters
- lightning is a bit flat, more contrasts, blinks and glows could be used

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