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ati/amd performance in 3d ports

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I recently bought a gaming laptop, with a radeon 7670 in it. I would normally go for an nvidia, as I've heard about the horrible performance in opengl, but going nvidia would have cost another 50%, and I would have had to put up with a slower cpu (1.7ghz instead of 2.4). How much of a performance hit does gzdoom take when running on an amd video card compared to a similar nvidia one?

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I can't say much about more recent cards but two years ago the performance difference was ca. 2 generations of video cards.

The main problem with AMD's drivers seems to be that it does all the processing in the main thread (and stalling it) instead of using multithreading like NVidia.

Effectively the driver calls take a lot longer with AMD. Modern systems should be fast enough to handle 'normal' Doom maps anyway. I only experienced significant slowdowns in huge maps with extensive lighting effects.

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