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dobu gabu maru

Evolution 2013 Finals Today: The Best Fighting Game Players in the World

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Don't know how much traction the FGC picks up on here, but today is the Evo2013 finals and if you haven't been watching it, the competition is pretty damn fierce this time around with some big names in loser's brackets like Infiltration (SFIV:AE), FChamp & ChrisG (UMvC3), and Armada (SSBM). The schedule:

10AM PST - King of Fighters XIII Finals
12 AM PST - Super Smash Bros. Melee Finals
2 PM PST - Injustice Finals
4:30 PM PST - Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Finals
7 PM PST - Super Street Fighter IV: AE Finals

Even if you're not big in to fighting games, at least tune in for the amazing hype surrounding these events to find out why they're so fun. Twitch Stream Here.

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It's pretty amazing to see all the diversity. People from all over the world are going very deep in these tournaments. Hell, I don't even think SF4 has any US-born players in top 8. KOF has a player from France in top 8, UMvC3 had a player from Sweden go very far, and of course there are plenty from Japan as well.

The tournaments have been pretty hype so far. Marvel and SF should be off the wall later. Can't wait!

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had the pleasure of being there. went for melee but watching the other games was great too.

melee finals was especially hype because of wobbles. got to cheer him in amongst my az bros, really really happy to see him best both hbox and pp. wobbles is an incredibly smart player not to mention just a generally cool and insightful guy.

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