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In-game messages to appear on right hand side instead

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Can the in-game messages that appear, such as "Got 4 shells." be moved to the right hand side of the screen?

The player HUD that I'm using (courtesy of BloodyAcid) has its health display in the upper left hand corner - same location as the in-game texts.

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It would look really clean cut if they were aligned to the right, but I'll try out how it is centered.

Thanks for the help and link :)

I wonder if I could perhaps customize every single in-game message sentence to have the appropriate length of empty space before the first letter, and in that way have all text aligned to the right. I'll try it out - even with dots (such as

".........Got the Shotgun.
....Player died in battle.

but I'm afraid there will regardless be compatibility issues with regard to various screen resolutions and such - The HUD already is recommended at a specific resolution and I'd hate for the basic screen to look out of whack just because the user has a different resolution..

I may just be forced to move the health display to the bottom of the screen instead, but it's just that it looks better the way it already is.

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