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Weasel Presents: Terrorists! (Police Brutality)

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(Well, since this has been on /idgames for ages, and just got a /newstuff review a week or so ago, I figured it's about time to start a thread about it on here in search of some more feedback for a potential update in the future. Original post from ZDF follows. -ww)

Weasel Presents

Get it here! (/idgames link) Or via Github
This should work with ZDoom 2.6.1 (tested with latest SVN as of 12/13/2012).

It's more than just a reskin of Nazis. Really, apart from the bullet tracers, this is effectively designed from scratch, using borrowed TekWar enemy sprites to give the mod a sort of Lethal Enforcers/Operation Wolf 3 feel. Terrorists! is intended as a tribute to 1980's and 1990's action movies like Commando, Die Hard, Under Siege, Total Recall, and The Terminator. The focus here is on giving you all the tools you need to become your own Man of Action.

The feature set:

  • This is a Hollywood-realism mod - weapons recoil and need to reload, but that's all! No complicated magazine systems, no bandaging, no weapon slot limits.
  • Included weapons are cliché, but each one is made using resources that have not been seen yet in a Doom mod. (Although there is an Uzi, it is not Shadow Warrior's, for example.)
  • "Hostage System" replaces large powerups with civilian hostages that must be "rescued" with the Use key to obtain special items.
  • Off-hand melee button with two modes: Kick and Taser.
  • Aims to be cheesy...but *good* cheesy!
And here's some screenshots!

The Berducci P92 Sabre is a special edition custom handgun with great accuracy and unparalleled rate of fire. This will probably be the mainstay of your arsenal. (Thanks Mike12)

The Kuznetzov 47M is a powerful, reliable assault rifle with manageable recoil. (Thanks Necronixxus)

The Sherazi Mark IX SMG is fast and relatively light on recoil, but good luck hitting anything at a distance. (Thanks Necronixxus)

The Aartsen Slugger shotgun shoots powerful 12 gauge shells at up to 200 rounds a minute in semi-automatic fire, but it does not eject shells automatically, so reloading may take a while.

The Cooke GLP-140 is a revolutionary new method of delivering explosive ordinance up to distances of nearly 200 meters. Its 15 meter blast radius makes it great for dealing with crowds, but ammunition is rare.

And some comments from the peanut gallery.

Strategies and tips:
  • Every weapon can be melee'd with using the alternate fire button.
  • Some weapons have alternate modes that can be accessed by pressing Weapon Zoom. Currently this includes the AMR-82 and the Black Boar.
  • Bind a Throw Grenade key and a Toggle Melee Mode key from the controls menu. The latter of these must be used if you want to try the taser.
  • Press the Weapons/Ammo/Stats popup key (bindable in Controls under the Strife Popups) to see your collection of weapons and ammo on one screen.
  • The AMR-82's damage does not change when zoomed or unzoomed. However, accuracy is (very slightly) reduced when unzoomed. Zooming also centers the point of origin for the bullet, so it is recommended when shooting through gaps to zoom in first.
  • The Black Boar is much more controllable when steadied. Press Weapon Zoom to steady the weapon, at the expense of movement speed.
  • Armor is extremely useful when up against foes like Dualie Dooley.
  • Press USE to rescue hostages. They will drop useful items.
  • Some enemies wear body armor and will resist pistols, SMGs, or shotguns. If enemies are making metal clanging noises and you're absolutely sure that they aren't robots, try a higher caliber weapon. (Tip: the Magnum and AR pierce armor!)
Again, I'd appreciate any feedback that I might not have gotten from the folks at the ZDoom forums; bugs, balance changes, things like that. Check the in-game help system in the menus for more information on the weapons, enemies, and how the upgrade system works.

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All I can say is that I love it. The Mortal Kombat hostages, the weapon upgrades, sound design, all well implemented.

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