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Finally after all these years! A level that has 200, count em, 200 secrets!

For doom 2

This is just a basic vanilla map. I play with zdoom using freelook and ya can jump if ya want but not needed.


Can you find all 200 secrets and even the mega secret?

Good luck and thanks for any comments!

As always if anyone demos this I'll gladly watch it :)

All difficulty settings supported including a horrifying amount of monsters in multi-player!

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Heh, I just posted in your ZDoom thread. I'll just say here that DW members aren't so acommodating as ZDoom forumgoers, so don't be surpised if you get some barbed comments. :-)

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He wanted demos, even though it's impossible to achieve some secrets without zdoom, which is miserable for any sort of activity regarding demos. What accomodating are you blabbering about?

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Hey guys, I only tested this with ZDOOM

I didn't realize that certain things only worked with ZDOOM.

As testing with ZDOOM I noticed lifts didn't need to be tagged so I thought it was fine .... sorry all.

Hope you all still enjoy this, if you play it through there are some unique secrets here and great battles to be had! Especially if you make it to the exit and then go back into the start ;)

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I prefer to play that way and have auto-aim off so I have to aim myself. And look up and down to get high/low targets.

I can't go back to the old way now.

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I gave this a run today. Some of the secrets were pretty clever, while others seemed a bit obtuse and convoluted. Of course, I can't speak for all of them, because I didn't find even half of the 200. It became too much of a chore after a while.

The design was pretty disjointed, with so many texture themes present. Some areas looked okay though, if a bit old-school.

Game-play was about the same, some decent fights in between some boring and/or pointless corridor encounters.

In a map based on this premise, I would have suggested having secrets stay open after you trigger them, to avoid confusion. With so many secrets hidden everywhere, it was really hard to keep track of which areas I'd been in already, especially with so many switches everywhere.

Not a bad effort, but I'd recommend working on your basic design fundamentals a bit more.

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