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Something about Chasm The RIft

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Hi there.

There are no Chasm the Rift source ports and as far as I know, some game files are using some obscure file format, for example the 3D models are a .3o format that was a file edited by a supposed "Advent 3B2 editor", according to some sources internet, which I'm not even sure.

Also, map formap is pretty clear except some parts, which even are imppossible do understand with an hex editor. Maybe some work and experimentation can clear some things. But no problem we got a map editor around the World Wide Web, and I have a copy myself.

Ok, there are some other things that are weird and can't be understood how they exactly work or what they are exactly.

So far this is anoying, because understanding how the engine works would be nice for creating a source port, or even giving zDoom or <insert_here_Doom_sourceport> support for Chasm.

But I would not be starting a thread to say basically "I know nothing".

The point is: lets say someone has the Chasm source code in asm language. How that person obtained the source code is something you don't want to ask (Uuhh.. Americans, I would say you stop reading here, NSA cameras behind you ;-))


Would it be possible to find a second person interested in converting that asm code to C++? Or even mess with the asm code and use it to create a source port "from scratch"?
In either case, the result would be the same: a game engine similar to CHASM engine, but of course, not a CHASM clone per-se.

I'm not talking about reverse engineering CHASM.EXE to modify it and recompile it. That doesnt sound much legal. I'm talking about reading through that asm code for LEARNING purposes
And then create a program that can work in a similar way, something like zDoom, it is not doom, but works in a similar way. heh

Wouldn't be that amazing?

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Clonehunter said:

Me three.

In fact, I just want something new for the game period.

Are you saying you would convert the ASM code to C++? O_O

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