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Chocolate Heretic Help

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Hey guys, I found Chocolate Heretic but I have a problem with the setup exe. It seems to only setup Hexen, is there a way to configure the other games supported by the port?

I'll try copy\pasting the cfg file it creates in the meantime.

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The Doom/Heretic/Hexen/Strife IWADs should be detected automatically, and when you run the setup tool it will show a menu to select which game you want to configure. So if that isn't showing then it isn't detecting the Heretic IWAD.

Possible solutions are: 1) put the setup tool in the same directory as your Heretic IWAD; 2) run the setup tool from the command line with -game heretic (ie. chocolate-setup -game heretic); 3) rename chocolate-setup to chocolate-heretic-setup and it will always configure that game.

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