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My vision for Interception II

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I've posted before a flying saucer for use in interception 2.
Now I have expanded this a little, I've made the DeHackEd for an "alien electrifier", the replacement for Former Human. The graphic is a placeholder although it is model based (If the model is acceptable, I want a skin for it to make the graphic). This is a melee attacker, but with a fast weapon (like a slow chainsaw).
The DeHackEd also replaces the Icon Thrower with a BFG Spitter.

The link (now I use FileSmelt)
Sorry for using intercep2 as a name

I wish that interception II will also replace the pistol and shotgun with another alien weapons (e.g. Shotgun will become Pulsator, a weapon charged by crystals, fires pulses of light). Also no puff (no bullet weapons, all are electric and photo weapons). Also teleport fog must change.

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This sounds kinda horrible.

I'm playing (slowly) through Interception right now; I personally just like that it's Doom 2 without much in the way of modification.

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Sorry for making this vision a new thread, I thought that the original thread is dead, also this is a new vision for interception II, based on the first vision on the older thread, when it was planned to be a Partial Conversion.

For who ask whether this stuff works in vanilla or no, this is tested on chocolate-doom using -merge parameter instead of -file, because it contains new graphics (to work on vanilla, I think manual merging with original doom sprites is needed).

Anyway, I have re-posted this in the interception II thread.

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