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ZDaemon, Zandronum and Odamex on Facebook!

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Hello everybody!

As everyone knows, ZDaemon, Zandronum and Odamex are the three most popular source ports for server-client Doom within the Doom community. Each has its own unique userbase, values and gaming experience it wishes to share with us players. I'm sure at least half of Doomworld likes to play these ports as part of their daily activities, when they aren't working or studying of course.

There are also many events hosted on these ports, such as Odamex's Saturday Night Nitro, Zandronum's Friday Night Fragfest or ZDaemon's Thursday Night Survival. They are broadcasted here on Doomworld when possible, but even then some are missed and not seen by every player in the audience. News particular to each port is even more scarcely seen by everyone, except for those that follow such news very closely.

After seeing that many Doom players use Facebook as their social hub for their personal life, I observed existing Doom pages on the site and found that many are either inactive or don't post relevant things players care about. And so, about a year ago I made this page, which exists in the hopes of bringing accurate and updated news on these Doom ports to your Facebook news feed.

Posts include daily event updates on all three ports, tips of the day and other such goodies that are meant to convey Doom to you as you update your own life. No port is particularly promoted here as well, which shouldn't be forgotten, and multiplayer Doom is focused on as a whole instead. User contributions and suggestions are also very welcome!

Currently, the page is at around 260 likes, and we haven't lost a like since the first day *chuckles* so let's hope we get some more! Check out the link to the page below:


Thank you and keep on Dooming! :)

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