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New wad - METHANE

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Hi there,

I'm back into mapping after more than a year of inactivity and just released a new wad - Methane. It is a relatively large map with classic gameplay set in a mine filled with methane and hellspawn.

I've put a fair amount of effort into tweaking monster and ammo placement - let me know if it's fun to play for you, I appreciate any feedback!

If anyone want to give it a try, it can be downloaded from here:


I uploaded it to idgames too but it will take some time until it gets indexed by Doomworld.

It uses quite a few ZDoom features so requires ZDoom or GZDoom.

Some screenshots to get the overall mood:



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I liked it. Classic is the right way to put it, relaxed exploration and fights with some good surprises here and there.

I fell head first into that megasphere trap, funny how common sense can elude you when you're running around at 10 hp, desperate for health. :) Also got a good scare out of the fast lift archie in castle part.

Couldn't really spot ZDoom features save for the odd slope, and that switch sequence (that could be replicated in vanilla, albeit without the text clue). Still, it makes sense as a ZDoom map, with those tall ledges and scattered enemies at relatively long distance, it's helpful to be able to aim where you want. Not that it couldn't be played with autoaim, but I think I might have enjoyed it less that way.

Favorite part: going the wrong way after the yellow key castle part, missing the switch triggering the bridge leading to the exit, and finally realizing my mistake as I was looking at it from the other side. Oh man... I don't want to run all the way back! So I jump down in lava and hope for a teleporter, and not only there is one, but it sends me to a secret. Being rewarded even though you've done something dumb feels great. Definitely epitomized the classic feel for me, it's something that might not happen in a more modern, more controlled map; and rightly so, it would feel out of place if it did. But here, it works perfectly. :)

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That was a nice little adventure. I found it quite difficult, think it was a bit skimpy with health and armour. I'd have traded that blue armour half way through for a green armour earlier on - considering how much big stuff there is shooting you from far away its quite easy to catch a missile and get half your health wiped out, but I toughed it out.

Some good bastard moments, although I was a bit confused by the radsuit. I guessed there was something in the lava so I jumped down and after some exploring found a secret cave with an invulnerability in - though there was nothing to do with it other than run back through the lava til it ran out and die looking for a way out.

I have to say, I can't think of the word methane without thinking of cow farts.

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Thanks for your feedback!
Glad you both enjoyed it :)

I agree I should have provided more teleporters out of lava and/or more radsuits - lava basically surrounds the whole level so it's easy to get lost and die if you don't know where you are going. The idea is that you don't have to go there - there are just a couple of secrets and shortcuts but probably providing more radsuits or more ways out will make sense.

I don't think the map is particularly skimpy on health and armour though - there is megasphere available quite early in the map. And there are medikits scattered around the level although not always in plain sight. I agree on UV it's more difficult than original Doom2 (although not as difficult as my previous maps) but that's on purpose - it's designed to be rather tough on UV but all skill levels are implemented and they vary in difficulty.

All in all, thanks for playing, I'm really happy with positive feedback, in this case I will probably release some more maps in the future :)

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