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Flame Skull

DoomBuilder 2 Scripting Problems

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I'm having problems with a script for a credits map I'm making to a WAD I plan to make public soon. The errors are:

Unknown Cast Type In Print Statement, SCRIPTS Line 5 & 7

The script is as follows:

#include "zcommon.acs"

script 1 open
print( S: "How a terry trap works");
print( S: "\cnOriginal Idea: \cgHell\ciBlade\cd64");
print( s: "\crMap(s) used: \cdNitro\cmActive's \chTomb \crfrom belly.wad by \cdMatthewDoomer");
print( s: "\cfMap Redisgning: \cgHell\ciBlade\cd64 \cf<\cgFSR\cf>");
print( s: "\ciInspiration(s): \crTerry\cd, \cfMatthew\cnDoomer");
print( s: "\cnSpecial Thanks To: \cnAquarius\ch199");
print( s: "\cfAnd you, the helpful doomer who is supporting this project just by playing the wad");
print( s: "\cfThank you for playing!");

If DoomBuilder would show some sort of specific marker, like highlighting the exact spot on the code line causing the error(s), I would have already found the god damn problem myself. These fucking errors made me almost put my fist through my monitor.

Edit: To those who replied, thanks, but I figured it out only a little bit after I originally posted this. I appreciate it though.

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This isn't a problem with DB2, but your script. Just look closely at the lines and find the difference to all your other "print" lines.

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