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Sven Co-Op is coming to Steam.

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Big news for those of you who have played this mod. I keep putting it on the back burner, but I'll definitely check out the Steam version. Valve is letting them do a lot of cool stuff with the mod.

After nearly fifteen years in development as a mod for Half-Life, and with our final mod release out of the way, the Sven Co-op Development Team is incredibly proud to announce that we are now focusing all of our effort on our next big project. We've been granted access by Valve to work on our own custom version of the Half-Life engine!

The majority of readers are probably asking themselves, “As an alpaca rancher, why is this showing up in my search results?”, a question for which there is no easy answer.

The rest of you are probably asking, “What exactly does this announcement mean?”

The next version of Sven Co-op will run as a standalone game using a custom build of the Half-Life engine.

The game will be FREE for all Steam users, including the official Half-Life campaign. A Half-Life purchase will not be required.

Automatic updates will be available using Steam's content delivery system dubbed SteamPipe. This will allow us to perform more frequent and rapid updates as needed.

Updates and new features will be added to the Half-Life engine, as well as a series of improvements to Half-Life's level editor called Hammer.

Increased Half-Life engine limits to allow for much larger and more detailed worlds.

Stability, performance, and gameplay improvements for everyone.

We are grateful beyond expression to Valve for their generosity and efforts put forth to make this possible. We’re looking forward to working with one of the greatest game engines ever made, and we can assure everyone that there are many, many more updates to come.

More news and progress updates will be posted in the near future, so keep a lookout.

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It's about goddamn time. Probably part of the reason I haven't ever played it is because I'm a lazy bitch and don't like installing third party mods anymore.

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This is damn good news. Always wanted to try it...that and I remember something (of course I can't seem to find it now) about this map maker for Sven that put massive secrets in his maps; one the surface his maps seemed normal, but a deep and complex series of puzzles could be found in some of his maps that lead to (from what I could recall) large, unexpected climaxes. I think of them was a giant eye staring down on you? If anyone can clarify this I would really appreciate it, thanks.

Found it:


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