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Tour De Froome

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Ahh, if someone could help me find some videos of commentators and/or riders talking about tomorow's Stage 18. It features two ascents of L'Alpe D'Huez and the super sketchy descent of Col de Sarenne. With a high chance of rain tomorrow, it could be a bloody day to commemorate 100 years of storied Tour history.

Here you can see the sketchy surface on the narrow, tight switchback:

Here's an excellent article to whet your whistle for tomorrow's harrowing stage:

So who, or what, on earth can stop Froome now? Perhaps only Thursday’s ultimate challenge, the 100th Tour’s razzmatazz stage, the double ascent of its most celebrated mountain, L’Alpe d’Huez, sandwiched by a hellish descent which plenty of riders are up in arms about, all very possibly staged in the teeth of a thunderstorm and 1.2 million in-your-face fans.

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Hellbent said:

So who, or what, on earth can stop Froome now?

A doping scandal. I'm pretty sure he's doped. I'm pretty sure each and every one of them is doped, except maybe the guys who end the race in the broom wagon.

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Team Sky releases Chris Froome's data in bid to combat doping claims

L'Equipe, which is owned by the Tour's parent company, Groupe Amaury, had the data examined by their in-house physiologist, Dr Fred Grappe, who has worked with the Francaise des Jeux team since 2000, and was the French Cycling Federation's scientific adviser from 1998 to 2008. None of the data was made public in the newspaper, under agreement with Sky, but Grappe concluded that Froome's performances were humanly possible without doping.

"His performances are coherent," ran the paper's headline, a complete contrast to the previous day's splash in Le Monde over a piece by the former Festina trainer Antoine Vayer – Froome and Sky's most persistent critic in the last two weeks – in which Vayer said that Froome was as fast as Lance Armstrong and Marco Pantani up Mont Ventoux, although "he must have used more watts of power to win the stage".

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contador should focus on keeping the second place, so in three to five years he'll win this year.

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Heh with all those sheep on the road the cyclists should keep an eye out for sheep shit - if they're not careful it could very well take'em out :P

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