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800,000 secrets!

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Disclaimer: This wad is completely pointless, please ignore this thread and continue on with your day.

This wad is pretty much just a proof of concept for the dumbass idea that you can append a bazillion entries to a SECTORS lump and it doesn't break your map...

The number of inserted sectors is arbitrary, but I stopped at 800,000 because past that prb+ took forever to load the maps (they still loaded, but it took a good minute or two). This one seems to load instantly and without any problems. Maybe a possible issue for maps with retardedly huge amount of sectors is that the size of the reject table (which gets padded appropriately upon loading) exceeds 2^32? Just a random guess, idk. btw none of the sectors are accessible because they aren't referenced by any sidedefs.

If for whatever reason you actually want to download this worthless hunk of bytes, go ahead:


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Isn't there some way to make a "rechargeable" secret? Like, at first it isn't a secret but you make it acquire the properties of a nearby secret sector, so it becomes a secret as well. Then you can "erase" it by making it acquire the properties of another, non-secret sector. Repeat until the earth stops turning.

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generating secrets by repeatedly changing sector properties is indeed interesting, I'm kind of surprised you can create them in this fashion. The only trivial quirk about this I don't care for is that you only accumulate excess secrets, you never 'miss' existing ones.

@ GoS:

discounting the above method of reusing sectors, I believe the theoretical max number of static, accessible secrets is 131070, aka 65535 linedefs that each reference 2 unique secret sectors. Though itd be a voidy glitchy mess probably. A similar, and more interesting question is: "how many separate enclosed areas can you make with N non-intersecting lines?" It really doesn't seem like too hard of a problem, so I'm sure this has been solved in some fashion already.

If you cheat and just pile new sectors into a wad like the one in this thread does, I'm guessing you're only limited by the max value permitted for various variables in whatever source port you use. I don't have a hard upper bound yet.

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