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Multiple Skyboxes on a single map

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I know it is possible i remember seeing it in a few wads but unable to remember said wads,
so i'm stuck and unable to figure it out myself,
i've got more than one skybox at the time i thought it would be easy to have two or so i just needed to change the tags of of the Viewpoint / Skybox picker's.. sadly this isn't the case THOUGH it did work it conflicted with the other skybox in many different ways.

I've been unable to find any tutorials or anything on how to add more than one skybox.. i tried the mapinfo but i've been unable to get it to work properly, can anyone assist me?

I'm using Zdoom (Doom in UDMF Format)

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If only one skybox can be seen at once, could you teleport the skybox viewpoint to different skyboxes depending on which skybox you want to be shown?

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