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Captain Sugar Tits

Interesting WAD I stumbled across.

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Short story even shorter, I found this WAD, called megawad.wad. It's a compilation of 27 WADS from 1994. I was able to recognize 3 wads from the megawad, though 2 escape me. The one I can remember off the top of my head was Doomsday of UAC. (UAC_DEAD). I think it is worth checking out to see what WADS were like in 1994. Oddly enough I didn't see Acheron. Oh well.


It's called Megawad.wad, if you didn't see the 586757.5 times I've said it.

If you plan on running it on Vanilla DOOM, then you need ver 1.9. (Ultimate DOOM) Also, there are no new e4 levels, oddly enough. Any source port can run it.

Also, please excuse me if this wad has been bought up in discussion; I'm new here.

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I remember this one, neat compilation with cool music. I know:
e1m1 - brave.wad
e2m7 - tree2.wad
e2m9 - Nathan's own remake of Wolf 3D E1M1, also seen in his MarsWar megawad on MAP31
e3m2 - outland.wad
e3m3 - xeno11.wad
e3m4 - uacdead.wad
e3m5 - cortyr_b.wad

I wonder where did he get the music for e3m7, it's so amazing. Previous thread: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/59646-megawad-wad-e3m7-music/

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Here's my take on it, including Memfis' IDs:

E1M1 — BRAVE.WAD d-f/dmbrav.zip
E1M2 — DJW11.WAD d-f/djw11wad.zip
E1M3 — MAZE1.WAD a-c/amazed.zip
E1M9 — PANIC!.WAD p-r/panic.zip
E1M4 — THEKEEP2.WAD s-u/thekeep2.zip
E1M5 — DANCDETH.WAD d-f/dancdeth.zip
E1M6 — RIKER11.WAD p-r/riker11.zip
E1M7 — E1M1SAS.WAD d-f/e1m1sas.zip
E1M8 — JADML1M1.WAD deathmatch/j-l/jadml1m1.zip (expanded version)

E2M1 — STONES.WAD s-u/stones.zip (alt version?)
E2M2 — RS_OOZI.WAD p-r/rs_oozi.zip
E2M3 — REDRUM.WAD p-r/redrum.zip
E2M4 — PROCESSR.WAD p-r/processr.zip
E2M5 — JOHANN1.WAD /j-l/johann1.zip
E2M9 — remake of Wolf3D E1M1 (also in MarsWar as MAP31)
E2M6 — PUREEVIL.WAD p-r/pureevil.zip
E2M7 — TREE2.WAD s-u/tree2.zip
E2M8 — JAL_DM1.WAD j-l/jal_dm1.zip

E3M1 — TTADOM11.WAD s-u/ttadom11.zip
E3M2 — OUTLAND.WAD m-o/outland.zip
E3M3 — XENO11.WAD v-z/xeno11.zip
E3M4 — UAC_DEAD.WAD s-u/uac_dead.zip
E3M5 — CORTYR_B.WAD a-c/cortyr_b.zip
E3M6 — GOTCHA3.WAD g-i/gotcha3.zip
E3M9 — ACASTLE2.WAD a-c/acastle2.zip
E3M7 — OPOST21.WAD m-o/opost21.zip
E3M8 — ARENA.WAD Ports/d-f/dmarena.zip

Don't know what the source for D_E3M7 was, the beginning reminds me strongly of Fake's Frogs in Spain.

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I wasn't able to ID any of the as-yet-unidentified nine tracks. Would really like to know what D_E1M8 is, it's a great track and sounds so familiar ...

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