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WhackEd has shat on me.

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I downloaded and installed WhackEd, and ran it once to generate a DeHackEd file for my project (900 Deep In The Dead). Saved, closed.

When I try to open WhackEd (either by double-clicking the .deh file or opening the program itself) I get this:

I don't know, what do I do to amend this?

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Hazarding a wild guess - I'd say it's an access rights issue, since the first thing WhackEd does when run is display a list-box of recent files. If WhackEd or the patch are in "Program Files", try re-installing/moving them to your "Documents" folder and see if that fixes the problem.

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Errors like those are the reason I hate Visual Basic, even if I know it's programmer's responsibility to address them. Anyway, you're using the wrong Whacked. You should use Whacked4.

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