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General Rainbow Bacon

The Shores of 900 UPDATE!

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I've been inspired to make an episode of 100 lines maps, so I thought I'd take a stab at making a Shores of Hell episode based on that. So here's the first map in the series.


Progress report as of 7/27/2013

e2m1: complete
e2m2: complete
e2m3: complete
e2m4: not started
e2m5: not started
e2m6: not started
e2m7: not started
e2m8: not started
e2m9: not started


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*high five*

Great, I don't have to do this one. :D

(Going to comment again when I've played this, gimme a minute or two)


I couldn't figure where to go after the red key; manage to get a couple of Barons out and defeat them, plus the bright STONGARG area with the shotgunners and cacos. What do I do?

Two things though; one teleport leads right under an active crusher (died twice because of this) and the crushers themselves could do with some pegging on their sides to prevent the texture from moving with the crusher.

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I did the crusher teleport on purpose. You can see the crusher from the teleporter so you can time your warp. I might have forgotten to put an exit switch in that last room. lol.

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GRB, I know you're mapping for a longer time than me, still I'd recommend you to always properly playtest your maps - to prevent such mistakes like the (now fixed) missing exit in the first map, etc.

As I see it, the 100 lines restriction influences your mapping style less than others, as your maps are generally more oriented on tricks and gimmicks than on elaborated layouts. Some of these are quite unfair, like crushers activating when you stand below them, fortunately that was the kind of only harming, not killing crushers, and there was some health before them, which made the confrontation possible (but it is still annoying, though).

I notice you often "waste" your valuable lines by adding minor details which however don't help the maps to become so much more visually appealing, and they cost you length of the map. If I were you, I'd try to increase the effectiveness of line use - by using many 2-sided linedefs, layout packed into one compact block, being of different heights, using things to block the players instead of midtexture lines, don't go for several-line-curves where a simple corner is enough, and such.

Also nice approach to imitate particular E2 map's texture and layout style, that's a change from the Jayextee's 100-line episode 1 which invented new layouts with no (obvious) tie to original levels. Both are good in my opinion - anyway, 100 lines maps are here mostly to make us wonder how this limit is possible, than to provide top notch gamer's experience.

Good luck with finishing your project!

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Thanks for the tips. I'll try that in the following levels. I kinda had an idea beforehand for the layout in e2m3, but you're right, sometimes i do try to add little details that don't really help the map. I actually had some in e2m3 that I got rid of so i could make the playing field a little more interesting.

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