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YEAR ZERO [WIP] [Need texture designers]

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I know at this point I'm just that asshole who rarely posts anything useful but, once more I require some assistance. Because I HOPE this goes somewhere.
Basically a grocery list of shit.
-Urban/city textures of modern day.(apt., subways etc.)
-Someone who is at least decent at graphics editing.(Email dachauncinator@gmail.com )
-A midi composer who would be able to recreate a full album.(Making a legal and illegal copy of the game.Copyright infringement with Interscope/Nothing records)*hint hint*
-Swat enemy graphics
-And a bag of Cheddar + Sour Cream Ruffles.

This project is going to attempt to make the Year Zero concept album into a doom wad. That's the jist of it. If you don't know about this album, here's the wikipedias.

There's an odd bit to work with, and I think it may translate well.
There's going to be 14 levels, possibly more secret ones.
(Levels will be labed as done or in progress in time)
1. The Beginning of the End
2. Survivalism
3. The Good Soldier
4. Vessel
5. Me, I'm Not
6. Capital G
7. My Violent Heart
8. The Warning
9. God Given
10. Meet Your Master
11. The Greater Good
12. The Great Destroyer
13. Another Version of the Truth
14. In This Twilight
Basically one for each of the tracks except for the first and last, those will be opening and credits. Email me, don't PM I usually don't check that.

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dachauncinator, before you start asking for help on your new mega-cool-and-whatnot project, make sure you have something to show first (screenshots, map downloads, etc). Keep in mind we've already seen thousands of upcoming projects that actually never got done.

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Oh wow, this band called Nine Inch Nails is so awesome. They're pretty obscure; you guys should check them out.
EDIT: 4321 get

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Bucket said:

Oh wow, this band called Nine Inch Nails is so awesome. They're pretty obscure; you guys should check them out.

Can't tell if you're being an asshole or know nothing of NIN and are just NOW discovering them.
Oh and as for the screenshots, it's all on notebook paper right now, so some difficulties but no worries.

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