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Performance on netbook (Steam version)

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So, I have Doom 3 and RoE on Steam (not BFG edition), but performance on my netbook (most important info is I guess Intel® Atom™ 1,66GHz, 1GB RAM and integrated graphics GMA 3150) makes it impossible to play.

You can say, OK, this is a netbook, what did you expect, BUT!
I remember I managed to play smoothly on a Dell Latitude d610 which is kind of... a lot worse. I was playing installed from CD version then, and I was using some launcher... This launcher allowed to set quality so low that everyone looked like burn victim, but it was running pretty smoothly! I can't find it anywhere, probably it's gone like many d3 stuff, also even if I'd find it it wouldn't probably work with Steam version.
But launcher probably changed things in config and in start command, which I CAN change in Steam, obviously.
Or maybe there are some other ways? I wouldn't like it to be a mod though, because I'd mainly like to play Open Coop with friends and mod would probably make it incompatible to play...

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The GMA is the bottleneck as Intel's GMA series is beyond terrible; The article you link to states that it's barely able to play Quake 3 smoothly at 800x600. The reason the Dell would have been able to keep up on lowest setting was because it had a Radeon Mobility which, despite being older, is still better than a GMA.

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Yeah. For purposes of comparison, my Dell Mini 1012 (which is almost the same specs, except for having a GMA 950) can almost run Quake 3, but begins to really suffer if I make it run anything more complicated than that. Though to its credit, I got Soldier of Fortune 2 running at a relatively steady 15 FPS with most of the details switched off...

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Well, Quake Arena works awesome on this netbook...
I know netbook is crappy, but I'd like to try... There is some way to drastically lower settings, just don't know which :( If it works very badly but almost playable in lowest settings, there's possibility that lowering like this launcher did would make me able to play...

The launcher I probably have used is on FileFront, but link is dead: http://doom3.filefront.com/file/Doom_3_Tweaker;101467

You were right... My friend managed to find this program: https://sites.google.com/site/cleandesperado/doom3tweaker (which generates cfg files so it's completely compatible with Steam), but despite game looking like this:

it lags even worse than before. Maybe it's because I use DirectX 11?

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