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Looking for a certain Doom webpage...

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Anyone know of a Doom-related webpage that had two mods:


I remember that the author of the webpage said he was
distributing his old Doom graphics sprites that he created.
He also created the lightsaber and flamethrower mentioned above.
But it seems I forgot the URL and name for the website. He
created many guns...

Hope anyone can help me.

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thank you

i was looking for a replacemnt for the lightsaber for so long a commando knife

i may use the moonraker lazer in my tc at geocities.com/hypr2002

everything is uploaded cept updates.wad for the updates in the game

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mmnpsrsoskl said:

This might be what you are looking for.

Yeah, that's the one. Thanks man!

I remembered that the title of the site had some profanity...

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Yeah cause I remember looking at it one day...wanted to find it again...went through about 2 months of archived news here on Doomworld...and found it. Used some of the sprites and made a new weapon from them...

Glad I can be of service... :)

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