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Just got Wolf 3D for the GBA today.

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Just bought Wolfenstein 3-D for my GBA today (got my GST check and income tax return is coming soon, I love the government!) I must say it's damn awesome! :)

For those of you who don't know, it's a straight port of the PC Wolfenstein 3-D, not Wolfenstein 3-D Second Encounter (on every other system, including Mac, SNES, Jaguar, and 3D0). The bad news is that the extra items like the backpack, rocket launcher, flame thrower and ammo boxes are missing. The good news is that the faster gameplay and twice the levels like the PC version.

The control is sweet, however, you can't strafe and run at the same time (you have to push strafe left and right simultaneously to run), but the game runs super fast so you can hardly tell. You can adjust the brightness and turning speed in the options, and is much brighter than Doom. The enemies are about twice as fast as the PC, so it's a great challenge.

And with the new computers of today and Windows XP screwing up old DOS games like Wolf3D, this is a nice chance to pick it up before your old DOS version becomes unplayable as DOS dies more and more everyday (it's sad but true).

There's no censorship, levels are the exact same, it runs fast, it's tougher, etc. There's no music though. :( Overall, I must say it's a must buy. Don't know if I like Doom or Wolf3D better for the GBA, but Wolf3D has over twice the amount of levels, and is faithful to the original (even the menu graphics, "Get Psyched!" messages are in there!). Doom has multiplayer however.

At any rate, killing Nazis in the palm of your hand is a blast! I have Doom and Wolf3D, bring on Duke Nukem 3D and Medal of Honor Underground! :)

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