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System Shock 2 - Training Mission Contest

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This is a call out to all level makers, whether it be System Shock 2, Thief or other games, for the System Shock 2 Training Mission Contest. If you've made maps in the past or wanted to but lacked the motivation, well this might just be it.

The contest is to create one of the training missions described in the briefing texts (there are 9 missions per class, so in total there are 27 to choose from) in the game. You can enter as many entries as you like but it needs to be based on one of the training missions for the game and made for System Shock 2.

Quote from systemshock.org where the contest is being hosted:

Systemshock.org will give 75 EUR (or 100 USD) via Paypal to the author of the best training mission.
The winner will be decided by the community on 26th October. (About 3 months from now.)

There have to be at least two different entries by different persons for this contest to take place (no prize otherwise, donated money will be returned). You can make multiple entries. The mission has to work as a training mission.

More details including the mission briefings, the skill rewards which are awarded to the player from it etc can be found here:

So if you'd like to make some easy money through making a level for a game head on over to the above link.

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