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A random map I made

Nice? Lol Michael Rosen refrences.  

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  1. 1. Nice? Lol Michael Rosen refrences.

    • *click* nice!
    • *vomits* horrible.

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A light brick map I made for fun.
More details are in the "readme"
This is also a theme of "the offspring" song called "staring at the sun"
And this map has the maximum lightness everywhere but the 2 caves.
Made for vanilla doom or higher.

The hub isn't included , if you want it , ask me for a download if so...

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Specially because of you and you saying it's for vanilla, I played the map in Chocorenderlimits (vanilla emulating port with statistics) to make sure of it, and in this regard, your map succeeded (was completable at least). However, there are still errors and other things to complain:

  • Got stuck in this secret. No way forward or back. The other secret is the same. The problem remains in all ports.
  • HOM (in Chocorenderlimits it always shows like this, otherwise a normal HOM). Doesn't appear in OpenGL ports, which is however no excuse.
  • The map has plenty of doors and openable walls which opens "to the sky" and stay open only 4 units below the sky. Example. It breaks all realism. Why is it?
  • Now less important complaints. At one point you come to a door, you press it, but the door doesn't open and a trap right behind you opens instead. That's generally a pretty annoying scenario, but for some reason you seem to think it's cool and you use it in many of your maps. Please, don't do it.
  • And a problem all your maps have. Blandness, odd texturing, linearity, not enough height variation, too simple structures. Don't get me wrong. I DO NOT say you need more detail. I say you need to learn how to deal with detail the right way, to make shapes and structures that are actually nice to look at, interesting to explore and the map fun to play. You are on the right way, but still it isn't it. Nevertheless I have to admit, you are improving.
On idgames I'd rate the map 2/5. I didn't vote in the polls in this thread. Neither of the options seems actually fitting for it.

By the way (but not so far by the way) - the song is good.

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Beat it in 4:40 on HMP.

It was ok.

Don't really like having a sky ceiling so close to the floor overall, and I don't really like the texturing either. The doors were kinda weird too. I don't get this ceiling block being here either.

Try harder plz.

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So I played your map. About 6 minutes in UV. It wasn't bad. It wasn't good either. I'd say the biggest flaw in the mapping was the extremely low sky ceiling and the map would be better off with the sky a bit higher. You have a decent sense of ammo and monster balance but health was far too plentiful.

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Love your style because it perfectly captures the times when I was checking out pwads on my Pentium60.

-check if there's enough room to move
-avoid grave visual glitches like zero thickness wall stripes due to faulty sky usage

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