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WolfenDOOM Reloaded (update, see last post)

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"WolfenDOOM Reloaded" will be an expansion to Laz Rojas' WolfenDOOM (Original Missions) that aims to modernize it (dare I say more realistic) and add much more content without relying excessively on random spawners. It is being developed for EDGE 1.36 (3DGE or HyperEDGE or whatever you wanna call it).

Features (so far):

You get to actually fight the guard in the cell at the beginning of the game with nothing but your bare hands.
Many enemy types and variations with more realistic appearance and voices.
Eight real-life weapons with reloading, dual wielding, silent, and two that will occasionally overheat. All of which plus ammo available in existing levels.
Improved and greatly expanded environmental/ambiance sounds.
Heart-pounding and adrenalin-pumping soundtrack of CD-quality.
Re-worked enemy behavior:

Enemies are faster, more trigger happy and do more damage than DOOM enemies.
Enemies will either stand around until they spot a target or wander around. Sort of like patrolling.
Enemies will not infight, though they will still "shoot through" other enemies. Can't seem to change that no mater what I do.
When enemies stand around they will make idle sounds, such as mumbling or whistling.

Here is some gameplay footage, courtesy of DoomStrife:


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New walls, they are re-interpretations of the originals with a grittier and more realistic look.

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