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North by Doom II. A map with snippets. (now on idgames)

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I made this map out of boreom:


Basically I thought of a concept where I'd go through Doom II one more time in one linear go. So what I did was build one map completely from scratch that resembled some sections from each and every Doom II level, all while heading in one cardinal direction, north.

I'm unsure if it can be accepted to idgames or not though. Even though I built it from scratch (meaning not modifying any of the iwad's levels) it's almost entirely made of homages to areas of Doom II's levels.

EDIT: idgames link!


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Bad name, other people already have used it so storing such textfiles is inconvenient, at least for people who put all wad-related stuff in one folder. Maybe such people are morons though. I know I am.

I'm unsure if it can be accepted to idgames or not though.

It will be accepted.

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Dunno why I added a secret list to be honest. I should know that most people here already know the secrets in the iwad levels.

Will try to see if I can get this accepted into idgames later on.

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In the Gauntlet area when those side rooms open with gunners and crusher windows, it's possible to run into them and there doesn't seem to be a way out.

Could use some more room to maneuver but pretty cool. Reminds me a bit of idbest for Doom 1 except that was actually cut and pasted pieces, not an original like this.

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Sure could stand to make it more obvious what to do if a player goes for the Circle of Death Area's invisibility and backpack and the player falls in the slime. Oh yeah and there's some really bad HOM in the outside area right at the start. D:

But any WAD where I can pretend to be Cary Grant is fine as far as I'm concerned!

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