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Looking for unofficial vanilla IWAD patches/fixes

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I've had an interest in vanilla compatible bug patches/fixes for the IWADs lately. Besides the official patches on id's FTP, I've found a few unofficial ones which I will list here:

Doom 1.2:


Ultimate Doom 1.9:

E4Fix.wad from Expanded+CS_Final.zip (Expanded itself requires GZDoom)
pk_doom_sfx.zip (for all Doom IWADs)

Doom II 1.9

SPRFIX13.rar (also for Final Doom)

Doom II: BFG Edition


Final Doom



HRSPFX10.rar (Widescreen patch requires a source port)
pk_heretic_sfx.zip (Can be made vanilla compatible)

If anyone know of any else I would be interested.

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Sounds interesting indeed, I'll look around for it. Please tell me if you should happen across it.

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