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Grain of Salt

What's the least cpu-intensive port/setting to play complevel2 doom?

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I'm not sure if cpu-intensive is the right term exactly but you probably know what I mean. Really I would just like to be able to load up a simple cl-2 map without seeing my cpu temperature shoot up 20 or 30 degrees. Surely this is possible. (I'm fine with sacrificing speed or detail, running without music & sound, etc... I would prefer osx native stuff, but windows 7 is fine also.)

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Lowering the resolution does seem to help a certain amount... although the prboom-plus window is pretty small now (480x237 is the lowest resolution for some reason). I also tried setting uncapped_framerate to 0 in prboom-plus.cfg, and that worked very well. My cpu temperature seems to stay pretty cool now.

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For some reason, I thought I'd already tried the mac version of chocolate doom, but I was wrong. Having tried it, chocolate doom with default settings seems to be about the same as prboom-plus with my new frugal settings, which is great. I'll probably stick to prboom-plus for the most part, since it's much easier to load pwads with etc, but it's good to have a few options available.

traversd said:

Tried any utils to cap the CPU usage of the port you are using?

No, but I'll look into it.

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