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[WIP] Crossfire - gameplay mod

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Simply put, Crossfire is a gameplay mod for ZDoom inspired by modern shooters. It uses elements of these shooters, bloody screen and all, but without all the brown and bloom.

Download alpha 3 here, and make sure you have the latest dev build of (G)ZDoom.

The feature rundown:
  • An experience system that scales based on the amount of enemies, items, and secrets on the map.
  • A perk system to reward experience gained.
  • A dynamic health and stamina regeneration system.
  • Left 4 Dead style healing.
  • Projectile bullet (tracer) weapons.
  • Reloading, recoil effects, and sprinting.
  • Hotkey grenades and melee attacks.
Some stuff you should know before playing:
  • Bind keys to reload (ZDoom's reload key!), do melee attacks, throw grenades, open the perk menu, and open Strife's stat menu.
  • Hold down the run key to sprint. Recoil is increased while sprinting. Crouching does the opposite.
  • Press altfire to aim the scoped weapons (assault rifle and grenade launcher).
  • Hold down altfire while using the firebomb launcher to launch a supercharged firebomb. This requires ammo found on chainsaw spawns, however.
  • Taking damage and sprinting will gradually reduce the amount of health and stamina you can regenerate. Use the care package (explained below) to remedy this.
  • The care package on slot 1 holds your health packs, field rations, and combat stims.
  • Health packs restore vitality (max health). Use by holding down fire.
  • Field rations restore 25% vigor (max stamina). Use by holding down altfire.
  • Combat stims heal you instantly, give near infinite stamina, and lets you jump higher for a few seconds. Use by pressing both fire buttons.
  • Press use on the spheres with Lost Souls on them for a helper marine (blue) or a hostile marine (red) that gives experience when killed.
  • You gain experience by killing enemies, finding items (treasures and spheres), and discovering secret areas on the map.
  • Experience is used to buy perks that will gradually power you up as you play. Each perk also confers a 2% defense bonus. However your next perk will cost more each time.
  • Perks are bought linearly from their respective perk type.
Agility perks give bonuses when you sprint.
  • L1 - You will have 20% extra defense while sprinting. Only works when above 25% stamina.
  • L2 - Seeker missiles will stop tracking you while sprinting. Only works when above 50% stamina.
  • L3 - Sprinting will turn you into a "ghost", making projectiles phase through you, throwing off your enemy's aim, and lets you slip by unalerted enemies. Only works when above 75% stamina.
Dexterity perks improve weapon handling.
  • L1 - Care package items are used 100% faster.
  • L2 - Weapon recoil is reduced by 33%.
  • L3 - Weapons are drawn and reloaded (variably) faster. Hotkey actions are done faster.
Endurance perks improve your stamina and vigor.
  • L1 - Stamina regenerates 50% faster.
  • L2 - Stamina regenerates without the 1 second delay.
  • L3 - Vigor is consumed 50% less, saving you a few rations.
Perception perks improve your automap and gives you a target health bar.
  • L1 - You see the health of whatever you're aiming at.
  • L2 - Your automap reveals level geometry.
  • L3 - Your automap reveals actors on the level.
Tenacity perks improve your health.
  • L1 - Health regenerates 100% faster.
  • L2 - Health regenerates fast regardless of stamina.
  • L3 - Lethal attacks drop your health to 1, provided you have at least 2 HP.

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The question is (as with any gameplay mod), whether it can work well with any existing maps?

Is that example map made specifically to show off or test your mod, for instance.

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A very valid point, although from what I can tell (albeit, not much from a simple video), it seems like it has strong potential to be able to do this.

In any case, you're right that makes a huge difference.

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