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Doom 3 and its silly unsafe instructions

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I was just thinking about that little piece of paper you get in the box with Doom 3, which says "Turn out the lights, lock the door and enjoy Doom 3." Then I looked in the first page of the manual and it said all that crap about seizures and funnily enough "Play in a well lit room". I'd take pictures but I got rid of my disk copy. I just thought this was a rather funny thing to share just in case nobody else noticed.

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SavageCorona said:

"Turn out the lights, lock the door and enjoy Doom 3."

If room has windows, playing Doom 3 only at night is inconvenient. Otherwise I agree that a cinematic background helps (though locking the door is silly).

DISCLAIMER: I first saw that blurb in game reviews and what have you. I can understand it's just coming from id PR on that back cover :P

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neubejiita said:

PSX Doom had the same sort of instructions regarding epilepsy.

kristus said:

Pretty much all games do. If I recall correctly, even Myst did.

I know every single game does, I was reminded when I looked in the ROTT 2013 manual then some crap in my brain clicked and remembered Doom 3 came with that message.

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Not so much. Doom 64 is nearly unplayable in a well lit room with the sun seeping in. Maybe on a fancy new school TV with low reflection, it might be different, but I remember it being a pain in the ass to see anything when I wasn't engulfed in darkness.

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Doom 64 was one of two games run during SGDQ for which they had to jack the gamma on the stream up to astronomical amounts. Bonus points to whoever identifies what the other game was ;)

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